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24/7 Emergency Service

Whatever time of the day or night, call us for your emergency plumbing, septic and drain needs. 705-437-2674

Excavation and Digging Services

Our excavation and dig service is great for both new installations or the repair of existing systems. This service is vital in most cases for drainage systems, septic systems and beds, main water lines entering the home or building and more. If your challenge is underground we can help. We offer a wide variety of excavation and dig services which include, Trenching, Septics, Ponds, Tree Stump Removal, Dredging of Lake or Boathouse Area, Direct Drilling and Locates

Kitchen and Bathroom Installations & Repairs

At Hirstwood Plumbing we provide full service and installation of both residential commercial plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a new installation or need repairs or replacement of existing kitchen or bathroom elements, we can look after you in all areas.

Septic Services

We service, install, repair and/or replace the following: Pumping, Flushing, New Installations, Cleaning, Maintenance, Inspections, Locating, Sewage Pumps, Holding Tanks, Sump Alarm Systems, Tree Roots, Decommissioning, Tile Bed Flushing, Rejuvenation, Grease Removal, Camera Locate, Infiltration Systems, Filter Beds, Frozen Septics

Drain Services

We service, install, repair and/or replace the following: Drain Clogs, Drain Installation, Repairs, Drain Cleaning, Sewer Clean Up, Sewer Installation, Septic, Foundation Drains Clean Up, Broken Lines, New Lines, Tree Roots, Back Flow Protection, Back Water Valves, Grease Traps, Culvert Clean Up, Sump Pump Lines, Drain Locates

Well Pumps and Water Treatment Services

We service, install, repair and/or replace the following: New Pumps, Repairs, Pressure Tanks, Installations, Flow Testing, Shocking, No Water, Low Water Pressure, Now Water Pressure, Frozen Lines, Constant Pressure Systems, Booster Pumps, Reserve Pumps, Water Holding Tanks and Rentals, Shore Wells, Lake Lines and Locates.

Water Testing & Treatment Systems

Hirstwood Plumbing can also assist you with your drinking water concerns. We offer... Water Treatment including, Water Testing, Water Treatment, Ultra Violet (UV) Water Treatment Systems, Water Softeners, Iron Level Tests, Chlorine Tests, Bad Smell and Odor Removal, Low Water Pressure

Hirstwood Plumbing Services

No Job Is Too Small

Drain Cleaning, Water Conditioning, Water & Sewer Installation, New Construction, Renovations, Winterizing Cottage, Sprinkler Systems, Septic Tanks and more...

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Great service that we needed fast as our drains were backed up and water was overflowing. Thank you Ben!

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GB - Keswick

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